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8 Stress Relief Balls Everyone Needs

Stressed out? Anxious? Tense? Take it all out on one of these stress relief balls. Don’t worry, they can handle it!

BY Sarah Friedman   April 25 2017

Everyone experience their fair share of tension and stress in their lives and you’re not an exception. What you need is to try and calm yourself down, but for most of us, it is easier said than done. So why not arm yourself with stress relief balls, which are simple but quite effective toys that provide relaxation when anxiety strikes. They can take your mind off what is stressing you and calm your nerves.

Rhode Island Novelty Puffer Balls

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Resilient, super soft balls with easy-to-grasp strands have a soothing, squishy texture. Has a great “gooey” feel, throw them, catch them, or wrap the loop around your finger. A great tactile hand therapy and stress reliever.

Serenilite Dual Colored Hand Therapy Stress Ball

From $10.99
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These top quality stress balls are carefully crafted to provide optimal comfort for your hands. Strengthen your joints and muscles while being more productive at work. Squeeze and soothe anxiety away while increasing blood flow to your hands, fingers & forearms.

Dimples Excel Squeeze Stress Balls for Hand

From $9.98
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This aesthetically designed squeeze ball rehabilitate fingers, wrists and forearms, increase flexibility and prevents stiffness in joints and muscles. Increase resistance with 3 levels of firmness. Can be used at home or at the office.

Mini Smile Face Relaxable Balls

From $8.50
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Let one of these neon balls be your reminder to put on a smiley face when stressed. These squeeze balls come in bright neon colours. Foam squeeze balls are 2 inch in size and great for hands of all sizes.

Dozen Foam Mini Football Stress Balls

From $8.99
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Squeezing this stress ball allows the muscle fibres in your arms to begin to relax, thereby reducing tension. This Football Stress Ball has the dimpled look of a real football in a miniature version with faux white laces. A high quality, fun physical therapy tool that relieves stress.

Dazzling Toys Mesh Squishy Ball

From $15.99
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Have some gooey fun with these Neon Mesh Squishy Balls, which comes in assorted colours. Children of all ages and adults alike will love the texture of these whacky, colorful balls.

Teacher Peach I Think I Can Squeeze Ball

From $12.95
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Stress balls with bright colors and inspirational saying “I Think I Can!”. These squeeze balls provide natural stress relief for adults and children alike. A great fidget toy for restless children in the classroom and are a perfect gift for teachers. Durable enough to squeeze, but soft enough to be safe.

Vent Human Face Anti-Stress Ball of Japanese Design

From $17.99
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A soft and malleable stress-relief toy with a unique texture that makes it fun to play with, squeeze, and toss. Superior TPR material makes this toy safe and comfortable. Fine design creates an eye-catching visual effect . High-quality toy ensures its long-term usage. Lightweight and portable to carry.

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