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Best Prams Every Parent Love

Looking to travel with your newborn, Having a reliable, safe and lightweight pram is what every parent need, Our prefrences for best prams which will make your life easier.


BY Sarah Friedman   August 28 2017

Selecting prams or pushchairs is one of the biggest shopping decisions you’ll have to make. Your first job is to choose which of the four main types you need. First, a pram that later be converted into a buggy(reclining seat for toddlers). Second, a travel system, which has everything in addition to that it includes a car seat and carrycot that can be clicked in and out of the pushchair or pram, which is very useful when you’re baby is sleeping and you don’t want to disturb their sweet nap. Third, a stroller, which tends to be smaller, lighter and easy to fold away, last not the least if you are going jogging and have to take your baby with you, ideal thing would be a jogging stroller.

Next you need to think about what kind of area you will be going to. Some pushchairs have tires and suspension made to cope with hard ground terrains, while others are designed with urban pavement mind. Then you need to focus on what feature means the most to you. One-Hand-Fold?, Reversible seat?, Flip-flop friendly brake?, Flexible handles? Etc.

Selecting the perfect pram


So will guide you on how to select a Pram which perfectly suits you. We need to realise what type we need for our child or children. As we mentioned earlier the types of prams now it’s time to choose which one. When considering buying a pram, we should think about baby’s protection. Newborn babies should lie flat in a pram as this protects their backs, helps them to breathe comfortably and considered much healthier for their overall development. This means that a chassis with a carrycot is where babies start, though there are various of seat reclining pushchairs now that enable 180 degree lie flat seat positions. As a general rule, a maximum recline angle of anything less than this is not suitable until the baby is between three and six months old.

What type of features should we have?


Many brands offer models better suited to urban over country living and so on, so we need to realise where we will be doing the most off the pushing. If you are planning to take the pram off-road, you’ll probably want to suss out the models with all-terrain features and if you’re a regular public transport user you’ll no doubt be less worried about how the pushchair will tolerate on rough ground and more worried about how easily it’ll fold down in the rush hour.
If planning to go jogging it’s more suitable option for selecting a jogging stroller. You may also need to think about siblings or, if you are expecting to have children in the future, it is possible to buy a second attachment for subsequent children and of course if you have babies very close in age or twins, double buggy option is the most suitable one for you, and you’ll need to consider whether you want them to sit side by side or one in front of the other.

Useful Pram Accessories


If you’re fortunate enough, you will receive most of the accessories alongside the pram itself but if not there certainly a few things that will come in handy for your pushchair. Imagine you are walking with the child on a pram and suddenly it starts to rain, definitely you’re baby will be exposed to rain and get soaking wet if you don’t find a cover quickly. So it’s better to have a rain cover and you may also want a sun hood if there is no built in shade (some come with a UV protection and insect net as part of the hood). You might want to consider having a fleece lining and many parents buy pram attachable toys for the bumper bar to keep the baby occupied and not to make them feel bored.

These are the facts that every parent should consider and once you make the right choice you will love it and your baby too.

We have a great collection of prams recommended, considering reliability, safety and lightweight
To give you the best for you and for your child.

BOB Revolution

From $449.99

This stroller is ideal on and off- road jogging for outdoor enthusiasts. Allows for easy maneuverability through parks , city streets and other tight spots.


From $469.99

One of the best and highly rated Roan kortina CLassic pram for use from birth to 3 years. It has an adjustable hood according to user’s requirements. Reversible seat option.


From $279.00

This pram stroller features fully adjustable handlebar and weather shield, Big padded bassinet and a swiveling front wheels with suspension spring.

Roan Rocco Classic Pram

From $489.00

One of the best and highly rated classic pram stroller for use from birth to 3 years (for children up to 40 lbs) with bassinet and separate seat can be installed facing forward or rearing direction

Phil and Teds Dash Buggy

From $629.95

let baby snooze while you cruise! recline the main seat flat with ease, allowing your newborn to lie flat right from birth to 20lbs.

supersized at 26″ high, the multi-recline seat means your newborn can lie flat for longer, or purchase a  snug carrycot separately providing longevity of use.

Costzon Baby Stroller

From $115.99

Construction by durable steel frame and wearable non-toxic and breathable Oxford cover which can well-protect your babies from rains or harmful rays. This stroller features solidity and stability.


From $424.99

this is the ultimate versatile stroller for families with ever-changing needs. This model features a modern look and large basket. Adaptable to virtually any possible parenting scenario, the stroller offers a quick-fold design with one or two seats attached

Baby Jogger

From $359.99

With the addition of all-terrain wheels, an adjustable handlebar and hand-operated parking brake, you decide how far you want to go off the beaten path. The City Mini GT has a 65 lb weight capacity, and is not intended for jogging.

CuddleCo - Doona

From $637.95

with its integrated wheels allowing you flexibility and manoeuvrability on public transport.

UPPAbaby - Cruz

From $549.99

Light, narrow and compact, the CRUZ is streamlined to manoeuvre around shops, Tube stations and buses.It has a large basket so you can load up with your changing bag, toys, shopping and whatever else you need for the day ahead.