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Here are the best outdoor game equipments for you to have fun and be active physically, so switch off your computer or the television and go outside and play.

outdoor toys

BY Sarah Friedman   September 28 2017

It’s a great to go outside and play with your family and friends, who doesn’t love it? One of the best ways to spend quality time with your loved ones. Not only that there are many benefits we received from playing games outside, it helps us keep our body fit, and a great way to workout, fill with lot of enjoyment and emotional happiness.

So some might have a problem what kind of games or sports to play outside? There are several great games that you can play right on your backyard or garden. Most popular outdoor game is the ring toss game which any person can enjoy despite the age. And it can be played in the water, on the grass or even in a sand pit. Playing badminton, basketball and frisbee is a great way to spend your time outdoors. Here are the best outdoor playing equipments for you to get engaged at your leisure time.


From $53.99

Spikeball is a fun, active and competitive game to play. It’s two on two game played with rules similar to volleyball. A player starts a point by serving the ball down on the net so it bounces up at their opponent. They have up to three hits between them to control the ball and bounce it back off the net. When they miss you score a point. Yes it’s quite enjoyable to play.

Baden Champions Series Badminton Set

From $75.99

Badminton is a very popular sport in the world. It’s not only for professionals athletes, but a sport that everyone can enjoy at their leisure time. This set includes regular size badminton net and hardware, nylon shuttlecocks and tournament level quality badminton rackets. It’s easy to set up the net and you can adjust it to your preference. It’s great to play when you are having BBQ at your backyard.

Baden Champions Series Volleyball Set

From $81.99

Baden Volleyball set includes ball pump with needle, adjustable steel poles, nylon mesh with waterproof tapes, most importantly comes with water resistant carrying bag for easy storage and taking it anywhere you travel with your buddies. Perfect to play when you’re having a bonfire with your family or friends.

Frisbee Game Set

From $22.97

The Frisbee game set can be easily set up in minutes and can be played on 20 to 40 foot long areas but that depends on your skills. The frisbee and pvc pole is made according to eco friendly standards. The ideal choice for a simple game for endless backyard fun.

Giant Tumbling Timbers

From $74.99

Provided with 56-7.5” X 2.5 X 1.5” timbers. Perfect for backyard parties, it comes with a strong nylon carrying bag for transporting purposes making it safely portable.

Giant Wooden Yard Dice

From $29.99

This game set includes elegantly crafted 3.5 inch wood dice. Has a durable drawstring bag for easy storage and transport. Great way to enjoy the time at backyard parties with your family and friends. Best thing is anyone can play, the whole family can have some fun now.

Giant Yard Pong

From $44.99

Beer pong have evolved into another whole level. Comes with a 12 giant buckets and two heavy duty plastic balls, don’t worry about the wind it won’t blow away. Perfect for a BBQ occasion. Fun and excitement is sure thing while playing this game.

Portable Basketball System

From $99.00

Featured with telescoping mechanism adjusts from 7.5 to 10 ft and 6 inch increments. All-weather resistant, designed to withstand the harshest element. Ideal for anyone to play. So instead of being on the computer, you can play basketball at anytime now.

Etna Giant Inflatable Bowling Set

From $27.99

Looking to win whenever you play, then this giant inflatable bowling set is just for you, the large size pieces are hard to miss, so everyone’s a professional bowler.

outdoor toys

Pro Swingball

From $55.00

Ideal for people who wants a faster game and moving one. Pro swingball offers active playtime for all ages, suits for solo play or double play. All the components pack away into the base for storage which gives the convenience for everyone of us.

Go Ring Toss

From $62.99

Go ring toss is an exciting game for everyone despite of their age. Playing ring toss specially children can improve their hand-eye coordination while the adults have a good exercise. The compact lightweight boards and rings were made with odorless and non toxic wood.

KanJam Ultimate Disc Game

From $39.95

Kan Jam is the ultimate outdoor game. Team members take turn throwing and deflecting the kan jam game disc to score points up to 21 or by throwing an exciting instant win. Kan jam is filled with action and fun to play, players doesn’t have to worry about when it comes to fixing due to its flexibility it’s very easy to set up within minutes and you are ready to play.


From $16.37

A family game that’s safe and tests your aim. Just like darts, but when it comes to playing in the lawn Jarts is the game you are looking for. The aerodynamic twist on the classic yard game of horseshoes.

Big bubbles wand and mix

From $16.35

Send giant bubbles flying and amaze your friends, a very fun and joyous activity for kids and adults. The 90 inch fabric loop is woven to absorb and release maximum bubble soap. The slide control lets you shape bubbles of endless variety such as bubble in bubbles double bubbles etc.

Kubb Game Premium Set

From $44.99

Beautifully crafted kubb set made with durable, Eco friendly, shock absorbent hardwood. Perfect for all ages and a very active game which involves strategy and skill.


From $59.99

Perfect for playing in the lawn or backyard. Includes six 31 inch hardwood stakes, nine vinyl coated steel wickets, six 2 ¾ inch polymer balls. Anyone can play this game and will be able to spend their time leisurely.

Galaxy Tree Swing & Hanging Strap

From $128.25

The galaxy glider net swing comes with everything you need to hang it right in the box. Adjustable swing ropes for branches unto 10 inch feet height and can hold up to 600 pounds. Fun game for kids, and they will be wanting to pile on more friends as possible to increase the strength of the branch.


From $19.95

The set includes 120 inches long in diameter parachute with vibrant colours and consists of 20 plastic balls in 5 different colours. This game is a great game for kids to play in the lawn.


From $11.99

The classic yard game for any kid or adult. These are tough, heavy-weight woven sacks that are strong enough to withstand this vigorous game. A perfect choice for outdoor birthday party to have fun enjoy the moment.

Bean Bag Bucketz

From $59.99

A joyous outdoor game which everyone can enjoy with their family and friends. The game is very easy. It’s got a single tower with adjustable baskets each one has a different point value that you set up and then toss. Whether you play individually or in teams, the goal is to make it to 21 points. It’s easy to pack and move it.