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Collapsible Water Bottles for Travel, Hike & Work

Wish your water bottle was a bit less bulky or easier to carry around? These collapsible water bottles can be the perfect alternative for your traditional, rigid water bottles.

Collapsible Water Bottles

BY Jack Holmes   April 20 2017

Collapsible water bottles have hit the market offering a versatile option away from the traditional bottles. They are lightweight, packable, foldable and great for on-the-go traveling, biking, camping, hiking, backpacking, regular indoor exercise, and other outdoor activities. And the good news is there are tons of collapsible water bottle models out there to meet every individual’s needs. Make sure you stay hydrated by getting one that suits your needs.

Vapur Element Bottle

From $10.94
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This foldable and flexible bottle, stands when full and folds flat when empty to go virtually anywhere. Ultra durable, BPA-free bottle is made of three layers and designed to last for years. Equipped with Vapur’s patented SuperCap, with a high flow spout and integrated carabiner. The bottle’s slim, sleek design is easy to grip in your hands and slip into your backpack.

Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

From $21.95
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Guaranteed to never shatter, leak or dent, the 22 ounce Nomader collapsible water bottle will be hydrating you for years to come. Features a durable locking twist cap to avoid leaks, anti-germ sprout cover for hygiene and made of certified BPA-free material. Wide mouth for easy cleaning and fit ice cubes. This bottle rolls up for compact travel.

Collapsible Silicone Water Bottles

From $14.97
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Made of food grade silicone this bottle is rollable and foldable with metal carabiner and retainer band for clip-on and storage. Dishwasher safe on the top dishwasher rack. Easy to wash by hand as well. Freezable bottle to keep drinks cold for hours.

Platypus PlusBottle

From $16.95
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The Platypus bottle is BPA-free and holds a full liter of water. Tapered mid-section with new grab and hang loop makes drinking easy. All-natural SlimeGuard antimicrobial keeps your water fresh and taste-free. 80% lighter and more compact than an empty hard bottle of equal volume. This versatile bottle allows to attach different lids, even hydration tubes and accessories.

Aquabod Collapsible Water Bottle

From $10.95
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The perfect hydration solution, these leak-proof sports bottles have hygienic BPA-free lid that can be operated with just one hand. Despite being soft to touch, the premium silicone material is more durable than other bottles in the market. Whether you’re out hiking, camping, biking, running, working out, traveling or just staying active, Aquabod’s collapsible bottles is the perfect way to hydration your life. The bottle’s wide mouth design allow bottle allow for easy & quick cleaning. Its also dishwasher safe.

HYDAWAY Collapsible Pocket-sized Travel Water Bottle

From $19.95
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This compact bottle folds down to just 1¼ inches to easily fit in your pocket, a pack, a carry on, nearly anywhere and weighs only 6 ounces. Watertight seals throughout to prevent leaks. Made of food-grade silicone and plastic, tested and certified safe. Water will always taste pure and fresh. Simple to clean by hand or in the top rack of your dishwasher.

Tap - Antibacterial Collapsible Water Bottle

From $12.99
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World’s first antibacterial collapsible water bottle canteen designed to keep your body and the nature healthy. Pocket-carry size when flat folded and a great companion for travel, outdoor activities, fitness, yoga, camping, hiking and more. These bottles are flexible and the cap is leak proof. Can make this bottle as a temporary ice bag or hot pack.

Sportszu Flexible Collapsible Foldable Hiking Reusable Water Bottles

From $12.95
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Made of food grade material, BPA free, no harm to your health. Hook design for easy carrying around your hands, backpack. SuperCap is tough sealed and easy to open. When empty, this water bag can be folded, rolled or flattened and stands when full. Best for camping, hiking, cycling, running, jogging, workouts, gym, summer camp or travel.