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Top 3 Bottle Grinders by Design

These uniquely designed bottle grinders sprinkle out only when you grind and leaves no trace on the table or in the kitchen.

Bottle Grinders

BY Aron Devis   April 17 2017

Latest bottle grinders are designed and built in a way that looks nothing like the old grinders we’re familiar with. The plan is to create something noticeable and to change a well-known thing into something brand new.
Modern bottle grinders encourage us to experiment with spices, grains, seeds and all the other modern cuisine ingredients and allow us to be more creative.

Glass Salt, Spice or Pepper Mill. Four oz. Glass Bottle with Black Grinder Mechanism and Cap

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This four ounce clear glass bottle comes with a black polypropylene easy grip grinder cap, which has a removable cover over the grinding mechanism. The design of this grinder cap helps to prevent residual spill. This spice grinder could be great for dispensing peppercorns, sea salt and a variety of spices and seasoning blends.

Bottle Grinder, Small, Carbon/Ash Set

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An ergonomically designed spice grinder with solid handle and impressive results. The ceramic grinder is located on the top and does not spill on the table. The minimalistic grinder form is universal. A powerful ceramic grinder for easy operation.

Westmark Salt Mill, Spice Mill And Pepper Grinder, Stainless Steel With Glass Bottle

From $17.50
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No more spice crumbs on the table with this easy to use grinder. The elegant spice mill is perfect for pepper, salt and other spice corns. The mill itself stands on the glass-container, the grinder is on top end. Smoothly regulate the grinding level by turning the settings screw.

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