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10 Stress-Free Jar Openers

Master the art of opening jars without breaking a sweat with these jar openers.

Stress-Free Jar Openers

BY Aron Devis   April 4 2017

A good grip, strong hands and leverage are what’s needed to open any jar. But a well designed jar opener can remove all the pain and frustation by doing the hard work all by itself. Opening a small bottle of condiment or a large tub of mayonnaise a versatile and reliable jar opener is the solution.

Swing-A-Way Comfort Grip Jar Opener

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When you reach for a Swing-A-Way, you reach for a classic. Easily open stubborn jars lids and caps with leveraged twisting and spring-loaded power for smooth, easy operation. This opener adjusts to fit most food lids, jar lids and more. Extremely durable with an all-steel construction. Features an ergonomic, soft cushion-grip for comfortable handling; will fit any size hands.

EZ Off Jar Opener

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EZ Off Is perfect for the kitchen, RV, office, or second home. It easily opens kitchen jars, nail polish and child-proofing on medicine bottles. It is the perfect aid for those with arthritis, carpal tunnel, and fibromyalgia. Durable, Quality Construction EZ Off is used in hospital operating rooms, NICU’s, dental labs and commercial kitchens.

Brix Original Easy Jar Key Opener

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Brix Original Jar Key, the World’s easiest jar opener, pops the vacuum seal of jar lids so they spin open freely. Made in Denmark; sturdy and durable; specially designed for simple and easy use by anyone, even kids and people with arthritis and carpal tunnel. No sharp edges or moving parts.

Robotwist Automatic, Adjustable Easy Open Jar Opener

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Robotwist’s high-quality design makes opening stubborn jars convenient, fun and easy – just position Robotwist , adjust, press the green button, and watch it un-lid tight fitting jars on its own! Adjustable, No-Slip Grip & Efficient.

Kuhn Rikon The Gripper Jar Opener

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A revolutionary new way to open jars. Innovative Swiss engineering tightens this tool’s jaws around the cap, even as the jar is being opened, so the opener never slips. The Kuhn Rikon Gripper stays locked on lids and doesn’t let go.

Jar Opener Bottle Opener Can Opener Mobility Aids Grip

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Great Value combo set with a variety of functions for everyday use. Handy Leveraged Grip designed to open caps lids seals tabs bags and tops. Makes a great addition to any one’s set of kitchen utensils. Easy to clean store and safe to put in the dishwasher. Makes the perfect gift for all ages. Ideal for those with limited hand strength mobility or arthritis sufferers.

AKAZA Jar Opener Under Cabinet

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AKAZA Jar Opener can easily be installed under a cabinet or a counter and out of view. Makes opening Effortless. One hand is power enough to open most tough jars or bottles. Open virtually any normal size jars and bottles. No Damage to The Lids – it will perfectly open the jar as well as protecting the lids with no deforming. You can still use the jar lids after opening.

Leifheit Extra Wide Stainless Steel Jar Opener

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A stainless steel multi-function jar opener which opens most sizes of jars, bottles and tubes. Opens extra-wide for the largest of jars. Gripping teeth attach firmly to lids while dual-handle provides excellent leverage. Oval-shaped handle for comfortable use.

Kichwit Arthritis Stainless Steel Lids Off Jar Opener

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This jar opener is made of heavy stainless steel and solid hard plastic handle that will last and not rust. Sturdy and durable and easy to twist. A sweet gift for those with arthritis hands.

OXO Good Grips Jar Opener with Base Pad

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No more running jars under hot water, banging them on the counter or asking someone for help. The OXO Good grips Jar Opener is the perfect tool for easily opening all size jars, from small condiment bottles to large tubs of mayonnaise. Jar Opener base pad keeps jar in place, reducing force required to open jar. Comes with a sharp, stainless steel teeth grip.