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How to get rid of back acne once and for all

If you have back acne or any body acne, for that matter, you probably just want it gone. Getting rid of it might seem difficult at first, but if you follow the correct steps it can be done, we guarantee you that.

BY Sarah Friedman   September 4 2017

As you all might already know, acne is not limited only to your face, acne can appear almost anywhere on your body, including your back.

Since it is the case, we know that every one of your acne care treatment would be solely directed towards curing it.

Getting rid of it might seem difficult at first, but we promise you that if you follow these steps correctly to get rid of back acne, it can be done. Your skin will be clear in time to wear that strapless dress you bought for your BFF’s wedding or prom.

Before that, you must first know what causes it.

What causes back acne?

Acne is formed when the sebaceous glands produce too much sebum aka skin oil and subsequently clog the pores around it, making it really vulnerable to any bacteria which results in an infection.

While it might vary from people to people, there are more than 80% of people who rarely wash their backs as often as they wash other parts of their body. Not because they don’t want to, it’s just that the back is a hard to reach area. So unless they use a long scrub or ask for help, their back doesn’t really get washed.

And when skin doesn’t get washed, dead skin cells stay on it for longer, bacteria starts accumulating and if you pair it with too much sebum, the chances for an acne outburst are very, very high.

Some may also think it is those sweaty workouts that are to be blamed? It may contribute in a way, but it’s not necessarily the moisture itself that’s the culprit. “In someone prone to acne, anything that rubs against the acne-prone area of the body will induce breakouts. Sweat may or may not play a part in contributing to the breakout, but it’s the rubbing that drives the breakouts. Anytime you rub the acne-prone skin, you push debris and dirt into the pores, and you also thicken the skin, both of which contribute to acne breakouts.”

And there are also those who are battling regular breakouts and studies show acne isn’t purely a cosmetic issue, but poor self-esteem or depression can also contribute to this. Every single pimple is an unforgettable insult that lasts too long.

However, it isn’t as dreary as it sounds. It is very similar to face acne, so a lot of face or even mouth treatments apply here.

How to avoid back acne?

1. Exfoliation. Scrub it well!

Exfoliation is important. First, start in the shower. The dead skin cells and any other remains need to go. Obtain a nice back scrubber depending on where exactly the acne is. If it’s reachable get a scrubbing sponge if not, get one that extends your reach via a handle. This will keep your pores clear and will prevent dead skin, oil, and bacteria from accumulating. While you are scrubbing don’t just scrub it “a bit”. Scrub for at least 5 minutes consistently to get rid of everything. However, you should be careful that you don’t be really tough while you are scrubbing as you might irritate your skin that way. Find a middle area that works for you. After you have finished exfoliating, don’t forget to use a clean towel and fresh set of clothes.

It’s important to Shower promptly after sweating. And if you are a person who tends to run errands in your workout clothes, then you might want to reconsider.

2. Be mindful of what you wear!

The clothes you wear are in contact with your back almost your whole day, which means, if the clothes are not clean, any bacteria on it will have a great opportunity to start infecting your skin directly. And we all know keeping our clothes clean all the time, in any situation is almost impossible and it is totally fine to change your clothes at the start of the new day. This includes your sleeping pajamas, as almost 1/3rd of your day will be spent in bed.
When it comes to getting dressed,consider wearing clothes that are lighter and looser-fitting fabrics than wearing tight and constrictive clothes. They come in less contact with your skin, decreasing the chance of an infection from your clothes to your skin, especially when you work out. If you tend to carry a heavy shoulder bag or backpack during the day, be careful because the additional pressure and rubbing can make your back acne get worse.

3. Apply some Professional Solutions

Then, to help prevent future back acne flare-ups, look for exfoliants like glycolic acid, salicylic acid and Benzoyl Peroxide to reduce and prevent clogs. They can be found in lotion form, pad form, or even in a body wash. The important thing is to find the one that you’ll use regularly to keep your pores clear and irritation and bacteria at bay.

To get rid of existing back acne

Prevention and treatment of back acne are similar, as it’s all about reducing inflammation to the area, killing bacteria, and clearing away clogged pores. As mentioned above you can use a lotion or body wash, but it’s recommended to use topical medications in pad form because it makes it a little easier to reach the difficult-to-get-to places on your back.”

If you already have acne treatment pads for your face?
Then you can use them to you back too but be mindful that the back skin is thicker, so when using you should pump up the dosage in order to penetrate deeper rather than using the same pads in both places. And if you are worried whether it will harm your back skin? We assure you that there is no reason to worry because the thicker skin on your back is tougher, it can tolerate stronger medications without getting irritated.

If all of the above steps fails..

If you have tried all of the above steps for at least 3 months or above and still there are no results then, then book an appointment with your term. You should not waste your time and money going to a dermatologist if it can be cured with some home treatments that includes products with sulfuric, resorcinol, and tea tree oil and habit changes. But, if even after 3 months, there isn’t any sign of improvements whatsoever, then the chances are that none of your home remedies will fix it without first getting an educated exam of the skin. So if a situation like this arises your best option is to go meet the dermatologist.

The dermatologist will be able to help you by pinpointing the reason for the acne outbursts and will provide you with some suggestions on treatment possibilities. Sometimes meeting a dermatologist will be the thing that/what makes the difference between acne ridden and clear skin.

Before you go just make sure that you are aware of both the positive and negative sides of laser surgery.