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10 Home Workouts To Get Six-Pack Abs

Build up your physique, sculpt your core and burn calories, these at-home workout plans will give the fitness as well as a great outlook for you.

Home Workouts

BY Sarah Friedman   August 25 2017

Thinking about how busy life can get may it be going to college, work or looking after the kids, we probably don’t allocate a time for our workouts, everyone of us wants to be in great shape and be fit, but we might miss going to the Gym at least a day. Missing a workout is not a good thing and it sucks. Not only it can throw off your entire program, it can throw off your entire week. It feels so good when you go to the Gym and have your workout, but hitting the gym is not the only option we have, to build up our body.

Home is an actually a great place to sculpt your abs after all. Six-Pack is indicative of overall health and whole-body fitness, not just the state of the core muscles. When it comes to building up your abs, it’s not as simple as doing crunches, gaining a six-pack requires more than just working out your muscle. First of all transverse core muscles need to be strengthened to create a strong solid base. This will prevent you from serious injuries such as back pain and spine injuries, no one wants to get down by these risks. That’s the main reason we came up with a routine workout that strengthen from all angles and focus on your cores, you’ll feel better, look good and have stronger core.

Always remember whenever you workout the most essential part is warming up your body, and let your whole body knows that you are preparing for a task, get the blood flow up and running. Always choose flexible clothing which you can stretch. Start with some usual cardio and do some stretches before you start to play intense, Five to Ten Minutes is good enough for the warm up. Follow 20 transverse pullbacks after the warm up.

1) Power Pack workout

Start – 5-minute warmup
20 transverse pullbacks

20 dumbbell renegade rows
20 dumbbell overhead press with a twist (Hold one weight in both hands by the bells)
8 split squats with dumbbell chop (To the hip of the front knee), per side then switch.
30 suitcase walking lunges, weighted with a dumbbell, each side.
8 single-leg squats with dumbbell lateral raise ( Weight in hand of the leg), each side.
15 single-leg deadlift with upright row, each side.
Side plank with 15 dumbbell flys, each side

2) Abs Accelerator

This is a continuous and a quick six pack workout which take only 8 minutes, you can either do it with or without dumbbells

Start – 5 minute warmup

3 level Situps/Crunches
Superman Plank/from Knees
Elevated Knee Tuck/ Lying knee tuck
Spring-Up situps/crunches
Half Boat Twist
Forearm Plank Twist/from Knees
Finish with a stretch

3) Rotational Power Workout

Start – 5 Minute warmup
8 forward lunges with dumbbell twist, each side
12 dumbbelloverhead press with a twist, each side
10 push ups to straight-arm side plank
15 forearm side plank with “thread the needle”, each side
20 dumbbell chops, each side
10 side to side dumbbell chops

4) Deep V workout

Start – 5 Minute warmup
stretch / 20 transverse pullbacks

12 supine alternating leg lifts with curl-in, each side – on back with straight legs, lift one up while curling toward it, do all to one side then switch.

20 supine reverse crunches with overhead dumbbell – Like a pullover position, with weight hovering off the ground, raising hips up and both knees in toward chest
20 bicycle with full leg extension
10 walkouts – hold briefly in plank position
20 knee-to-shoulder knee-ins
20 knee-to-opposite-shoulder knee-ins
Finish it off with a stretch

5) Standing abs Workout

Start – 5-Minute warmup

20 dumbbell chops, each side
Wall Plank with 20 Knee-ins – do all on one side, hold last one for 5 breaths , then switch
8 forward lunges with overhead dumbbell rotation, each side – hold weight from it’s bells and twist upper body toward forward knee
8 single – leg squats with dumbbell lateral raise – weight is hand of the working leg do it for each side
12 dumbbell overhead press with a twist – hold one weight in both hands by the bells
20 dumbbell swings – hold from one bell with both hands, swing like a kettlebell
Finish it off with a stretch

6) Plank variations

Holding still in a simple forearm plank is boring, most people lose form form after a minute, causing strain on their back. This routine keeps you moving so you keep seeing positive results.

Start – 5 Minute warmup

15 forearm side arm plank with “thread the needle” – each side
10 Pushups to straight – arm side plank
Side planks with 20 leg pendulums, each side
Forearm planks with 20 toe taps, each side – do all with one foot then switch
Forearm plank with 20 side-to-hip dips
20 knee-to-shoulder knee-ins
20 knee-to-opposite-shoulder knee-ins
15 forearm side plank with thread the needle
Note – Hold a plank for 10 seconds in each forearm plank.
Stretch when you are finish.

7) Core workout

This is a much stabilize, and more focus on the your entire core.

Start – 5 minute warmup
Stretch / 20 transverse pull backs

20 lying bicycles with overhead dumbbell – do it on a pullover position
10 Pushups to straight-arm side plank
Side planks with 20 leg pendulums, each side
20 supermans
Side planks with 15 dumbbell flys, each side.
Forearm plank series
Note – Hold a plank for 15 seconds in each forearm plank

8) MMA Ab Workout

This is a continuous workout complete each set for 60 seconds and then immediately switch to the next set.

Start – 2 / 3 minutes warmup

Punch and situp Combo + Upa
Side control getups
Dumbbell Knees
Power Hooks
Lying Leg Triangle
Leg Raise + Pullover
Leg Raise + Pullover Scissor
Lateral Plank walks
Bear Plank sit out
High Plank Dumbbell walkouts
Mountain Climber
Finish – engaged in breathing exercises and stretch.

9) Abs and Obliques workout

Complete each set for 50 seconds and move to the next set. Can engaged with this workout with or without dumbbells.

Start – 3 / 4 Min warmup

Sets side planks Rotation / from knees
Jack Knife
Side Plank Dips / from knees
Side Oblique Crunch
Bear Plank Jump to High Plank / Step Back
Seated windmill / Knees bent
High Plank Hip Touches / from Knees

Cool down before finishing with breathing exercises

10) Bodyweight abs workout

Start – 5 minutes warmup
Stretching / 20 transverse pullbacks

20 Mcgill Curlups – Slow crunches with hands under lower back
20 supine leg lowers
20 curl-in with twist
20 russian twists
20 elbow-to knee crunches
20 butterfly crunches
20 side – side knee drops
20 curl in with twist
20 supine leg lowers
20 McGill Curlups
Finish with stretching.
Now with these workout plans you don’t have to worry about going to the gym anymore, so start your workout now.