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The Quiff Haircut for men 2017

Men’s quiff haircut remains on of the most stylish hairstyles a man can treat himself. Whether you’re going for the most iconic style or freshening things up with the modern quiff. Both are perfect ways to bring a classical look. Here’s all you need to know on how to style a quiff.


BY Aron Devis   September 14 2017

If you are looking for genius as well as a luxurious hairstyle, then quiff haircut is the ideal hairstyle. It looks neat and works with both formal and casual attire and most importantly suits with any face shape. Quiff Comes comes with lot of variations such as loh hair quiff, short hair quiff, curly hair quiff etc. But i would like to focus on a short hair length because quiff gives a magnificent look on short hair.

How To Get It

As with new haircut it’s better if you grow your hair before hand so the Barbers can do more with the haircut. To achieve this hairstyle you have to keep the sides short as well as the back but keeping the length on the top. You can get the Barber to cut all the way up to your crown but it might go out of style. With the side parting you can ask the Barber to shave a line in, this will give an elegant look. The fringe should be long to have the quiff. This part is crucial as the attention of this hairstyle will be on the quiff so it’s important to keep the volume.

What will I tell to a barber for a quiff?

1) Remember to ask to keep the side and back short.
2) Very importantly Keep the length on top for combing purposes
3) Focus on length and volume for the fringe
4) Side parting as you wish
5) Neat line for the side parting (optional)

Styling the Quiff

So now we know how to cut the Quiff Hairstyle but the real look will come the work you put after the haircut.

First of all apply some sea salt spray to damp hair but there are many alternatives you can choose, you can use a pre-style wax but the benefit of using a sea salt spray is that it gives a more natural look. The by using a hairdryer apply some heat to warm your hair and using a hair brush roll the hair upwards. The hair wax or sea salt spray will help thicken it and make your hair stick stronger. Think this as a foundation level and it will be easier when applying products to your hair.

If you don’t dry your hair before applying wax you are probably going to reverse the situation using lot of product which will give a very un-neat look. Choosing between warm and cold air is important, it’s better to use warm air for the beginning and finish it off with a cold air to make the quiff long lasting.

With the foundation complete you are all good to use the products without any risk, it’s time to choose a hair wax, try to choose a wax which is not too shiny or greasy to avoid unnatural looks such as aveda men,osmo clay, VO5 and kiehl’s cream wax etc. are ideal products that you can choose.

Applying the hair products

Rub a small amount of clay between your hands and apply from the root to the top, when using wax be cautious about the quantity, try to use less wax to give it more smooth and natural look.
After waxing your hair use a Hair comb such as popmadour, uppercut deluxe which is very easy to comb.

This all there is to achieve the quiff. The quiff not a fad or timely trend it will be popular for many years and will give you the elegant look that you were searching for.

Here are 2 famous celebrities who is well known for the quiff

James Dean

James Dean

As one of the most iconic actors of the 20th century, james dean is famous for his hairstyle as he was for his talented performances. His traditional quiff hairstyle was a perfect combination of texture and the length.

David Beckham

David Beckham

When it comes to modern quiff there’s no better example than our iconic football legend david beckham. Using the combination of the classic pompadour style with the added side parting he manages to create a sleek and genius finish.

Why wait? style up and be on the spotlight with the ultimate quiff hairstyle.