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The Secret to the Perfect Black Smokey Eye

The sultry black smokey eye is a classic look that never fails to suit all you ladies and is perfect for a night out at the club! It is easy to achieve.

Smokey Eye

BY Sarah Friedman   August 28 2017

Whether you’ve got a big concert or a fancy gala to attend, creating a smokey eye can add bit of a sophisticated drama to your look. It is a nighttime favorite for dressing up your eyes. Be mindful when choosing the colors, they should always compliment your skin tone, or stick with the traditional such as gray and black. There are many variations of the look, so choose the one you like the best.

This classic black smokey eye never goes out of style and never fails to suit all you ladies. It’s one of the easiest makeup looks you can accomplish, only one colour, and lots of blending. It’s great for night time events such as parties and galas while it is still great for just any another day. You can dress this look the way you prefer and it is also convenient to do when you are in a rush but still want to look polished and put together. This look is quite a simple one that takes hardly any time at all to pull off. All you need is a couple of readily available products to create a modern, wearable smokey eye that’s surprisingly easy-to-achieve. Follow the step-by-step instructions below as explained and the sultry black smokey eye is all yours!

Smokey Eye

1.You should always start with a clean base. There is nothing worse than a smoky eye that travels, smears and settles into fine lines one hour into the night. By applying a primer you allow the makeup to stay longer and makes it easier to blend the eye shadows.

2.When you are going for a smokey look, dark circles tend to kill the sexiness of a smoky eye so apply a creamy concealer over your eyelid and under the eyes to even out any discoloration and to create a smooth base for your eye shadow.

3.Pack on a black eye shadow to the outer corner and into the crease.

4.Blend out the eyeshadow, in order to prevent any harsh lines.

5.If you feel like that it needs more intensity, you can pack on more color.

6.Apply a gel or a pencil liner from the outer to the inner corner of the eyelid, as close as you can to the lash line.

7.Smudge it out and blend it with the existing black eye shadow

8.If you want to create an intense look or if you want to add more definition to your look, you can even take the eyeliner in the
crease and deepen it. Make sure to blend it out well.

9.Take the liner under the eyes beginning at the outer corner, moving towards the inner corner.

10.Smudge it out to create the smokey effect.

11.Finish with two coats of your Apply your favorite volumizing mascara, and you’re good to go! black mascara. No smoky eye is perfect without long, rich, dense and bat worthy lashes. Cautiously apply your mascara, twitching your brush between your lashes to define them better. To avoid clumps and an uncanny look add no more than two coats. A single coat to your bottom lashes will define them without giving yourself raccoon-eyes.