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6 Sexy denim trends you need to try in 2017

You’ll find these Sexy Denim Trends for 2017  in all brands. Try these pure indigo beauties in shades from raw to powder blue.

Exciting Denim Trends for 2017

BY Discounts Bargain   May 2 2017

I’m pretty sure you already have at least three pairs of jeans. And if you’ve always planned to buy a denim jacket, this would be the perfect time for that. We’ve seen the Fashion Weeks, where many celebs & fashion bloggers. Yes, denim has made its secure entry in denim fashion trends for 2017, and we’ll see which trends will rule this year.

Boyfriend Fit Jeans

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Skinny jeans have been in for long. Now many women have switched over to the boyfriend fit. It’s low rise and slouchy, giving a casual look. It is slightly tapering and cuffed around the ankle, and goes well with a simple tee and stylish heels. Certainly a part of the Denim Trends 2017.

Skinny Flare Jeans

Skinny Flare Jeans

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Just like in the ‘70s, wide and flared legs with a sepia tone are in these days. They come with square pockets that add to the retro style. To create a more vintage look, wear them with turtlenecks and accessorise with bead necklaces. Try a flowery blouse and tuck it in. Match them with your pumps and you’re dressed to kill.

High rise jeans

High rise Jeans

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Don’t we all wish we had longer legs… Now we can, by switching to high rise jeans. They go all the way up to your waist and give a sexy look. Don’t pick a slouchy pair; instead, go for a more streamlined look. This way, they will fit better and you’ll look taller. High rise jeans look good with crop tops and pumps or sneakers. Join the Denim Trends 2017 with high rise.

Ripped Jeans

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You can buy them ripped, or rip them at home. They give a casual and sexy look. Match faded and ripped jeans with a colourful top or a sweater. Sneakers are the best match with them. Depending upon your style, you can go for a mildly slashed pair or a completely shredded one.


Overalls Jeans

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Yes, overalls are back, but they are less baggy than the previous ones. However, they’re not very aggressive, so you don’t have to leave a strap unhooked. Wear them with sneakers and a plain tee, and they’ll look great. Try not to accessorize too much as the overalls give a really casual look.

Patchwork Jeans

Patchwork Jeans

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From denim jackets and dungarees to jeans, patches can enhance the look of denim. They fit right into the Denim Trends 2017 and come in various colors, shapes, and sizes. Make sure you make the right choice while selecting the patches. Embroidered patches can be tricky, so try to avoid them. Simple prints on solid fabrics is a good choice. You’re free to play with the colors – mix and match and find your style.