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PS4 Racing Games that will Raise Your Pulse

Racing games for all racing fanatics. No matter what’s your passion is there’s something perfect for you.

PS4 Racing Games

BY Aron Devis   July 12 2017

If you are a racing fanatic just like me, then you want to drive some of the fastest most desirable motor-sports, cars and bikes available. Racing games have improved way more than we can imagine from what we were playing when we were kids. It has become more thrilling and more realistic. Whether you prefer to tune your skills with practice sessions, or racing your heart out with heated matches, there’s a game suitable for every racer.

Need for Speed: Rivals

From $15.84

Be a lone wolf like other racers and fight for your own glory and experience the high-stakes rivalry while switching your roles with cops with Need for Speed: Rivals. Power up your car with the latest upgrades while getting access to technology and upgrades customized to each side of the law. The new AllDrive feature destroys the line between single play and multiplay gameplay while giving you the chance to have fun with your friends without waiting and with no lobbies thus creating the world where two moments will not be the same.

DriveClub (PlayStation 4)

From $21.50

Join an existing club or team up and create your own team consisting of 12 drivers and get more in-game currency and earn bonuses while facing constant and varied challenges to keep the game feeling fresh and unique. It offers pick-up-and-play gaming experience to suit every player’s lifestyle. With the iOS and Andriod compatible DRIVECLUB app you can stay connected 24/7 with your friends no matter where you are.

Project CARS - PlayStation 4

From $28.78

Racing game with a wide range of cars and motorsports on offer. So no matter what your passion is, there is something perfect for you. Create your driver, choose your starting drive, and then start your journey by signing your first contract. The more you succeed the more the offers you get from others teams, special invitations, and endorsements will increase. You can also challenge your friends or compete in a regularly-updated season of special community events for real-world prizes.

Trials Fusion - PlayStation 4

From $18.81

Best in the class platform racing game with Rock-solid motocross physics and reality-bending course designs while opening the door to a world filled with possibilities and endless competition. It includes a season pass with six downloadable content packs with a new career mode event, tracks, and new items for the track editor.

DiRT Rally - PlayStation 4

From $41.88

Most authentic and thrilling Rally game with six massive rallies and with over 70 stages and 39 of the most iconic cars from yesteryear through to modern day that will suit the surfaces the racers race on. It adds a rich and strategic dimension to your rally experience by allowing you to repair, upgrade, and setup and tune your own ride. It also includes physical simulation.

F1 2016 - PlayStation 4

From $29.99

Forge your own path to glory, and rise to be the champion with F1 2016. It immerses you in the exciting F1 career with the iconic safety car and the virtual safety car that is included for the first time while offering you the behind the scenes drama and vehicle development. Work with your agent, engineer, and team to develop your car.

TrackMania Turbo - PlayStation 4

From $22.99

Enter the wild card fantasy world of Trackmania Turbo with 4 environments, 4 kinds of gameplay, campaign mode to test your skills with 200 unique tracks in over 5 difficulty levels, double driver that allows you to team up with a friend and coordinate to control the speed and direction of the same car, and track builder.

DiRT 4 - Day One Edition - PlayStation 4

From $47.99

This game challenges you to “be fearless” by capturing the thrill, emotion, and passion of off-road racing with over 50 off-road cars and 5 location with million routes. Also, allows you to participate in leagues and tournaments.