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iPhone X’s AppleCare+ is going to be more expensive

Brace yourself! AppleCare+ for your iPhone X is going to be more expensive!

iPhone X

BY Jack Holmes   September 14 2017

The newly unveiled iPhone X looks awesome and costs a hefty price; $999 for the 64GB version and $1,149 for the 256GB model. What if something happens to that precious device of yours? It’s not a bad idea to go for an extended warranty to protect your premium phone. This is where AppleCare+ comes in.

Don’t think that protecting an expensive phone like iPhone X will be cheap! Be prepared to pay extra for the privilege since Apple is set to charge $199/£199/AU$299 to cover the iPhone X under AppleCare+. This doesn’t mean you are getting a different or better service by paying the extra money. You’ll be getting the same privilege of two years coverage for manufacturing defects or battery life issues, and the same two incidents of accidental damage coverage.

If you compare this to the cost they charge for their other iPhones including the just announced iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, they cost $129/£129/AU$189 and seems to offer comparable, if not exact, coverage for customers.

Considering the brand-new, bezel-less OLED display on the iPhone X we imagine that Apple is jacking up the price on AppleCare+ for the iPhone X due to the primo handset being more complex and expensive to repair compared to other iPhone models.
The price increase is sure to make some buyers unhappy, as even two years’ worth of peace mind is difficult to work into the budget once the final tally for a covered iPhone X exceeds well into quadruple-digits.

The iPhone X releases November 3, with pre-orders planned to start October 27.