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Galaxy Note 8 Comparison against iPhone 7 and Galaxy S8

The Galaxy Note 8 must rinse away the bad taste of last year’s battery-burning Note 7 double-recall.

Galaxy Note 8

BY Aron Devis   August 28 2017

It’s been an extended journey for fans of Samsung’s Galaxy Note phones since the Note 7 saga. But the Note 8 is finally here. Coupling the remarkable design of the S8 with the iconic S Pen and the largest screen Samsung has ever put on a phone, the galaxy Note 8 looks like it could be the ultimate phablet-style device.

But the real fact is that it is tougher than ever to survive and stand out in the smartphone business. Looking at the list of the Note 8’s counterparts, it’s really difficult to find things that are entirely novel to the Note 8. Almost all flagship phone has a similar Snapdragon 835 processor and tons of RAM, the Note 8 is not the first to have a dual-camera setting, and Samsung already made a huge phone with a nearly edge-to-edge display in the form of the S8 Plus.

But while numerous sections of the Note may still exist in other counterparts, the Note line’s best entries have constantly fused those elements into something more. Elements like performance, software and battery life also play an equal role in how good a phone is along with the raw specifications. Simply take a look at Apple’s comparatively underpowered iPhones, you will realize how great an advantage optimization can bring.

It’s still too early to declare whether the Note 8 is the best choice for you, especially with the imminent rush of phones foreseen in the next few months. Both Apple and Google are gearing up for the new iterations of the iPhone and Pixel respectively. But if you’re choosing things today, take a look at how the specifications of the current best smartphones fare when going head-to-head.

Galaxy Note 8