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Google Home is finally supporting free Spotify accounts

This is a good a news for everyone out there who loves Spotify but refuses to pay for the premium version of the service.

Google Home

BY Aron Devis   August 22 2017

While there are many who pay for a premium Spotify subscription, there are likely much more who just listen to the service via the free, ad-supported, tier.

As it announced Spotify is now allowing Google Home users with free Spotify accounts to access the premium version of the popular service. The speaker already can stream music for premium accounts.

Are you the type of person who wants to try using Spotify for free on your Google home?
Then these are the steps you should follow.

First, make sure your account is linked to the smart speaker via the Google Home app.
Then you’ll find the option in the Google Home app by tapping the “music” button where you can choose to set a default music service by tapping the radio icon next to your favorite service.
Next, connect your account by clicking “link” and signing into Spotify and that’s it! Enjoy!

Though the free accounts don’t give listeners total control over what’s up next, when you tell Google to play a specific song or artist, the device will play songs inspired by what you have requested. And also if you tell it to play a playlist, instead of the listed order, you’ll hear those songs on shuffle.

This new advantage gives Google Home a leg up to compete with Amazon Echo speakers, which still require a premium account to play Spotify tunes at the time of writing.

Google Home also offers Pandora and Google Play Music free to people who want some variety without having to pay a monthly fee.

If you like to have complete control over what’s playing, this home speaker also supports Spotify Premium which lets you tell Google exactly which album, song or artist you want right now. And also includes other supported music subscriptions such as Google Play Music Premium and YouTube Red.

Whatever your choice is, Google Home is opening up the options for a wide range of music streaming. So go forth and link your account and start a dance party.