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AMD RX Vega could narrow down the Power Gap between PS4 And Xbox One X

All New AMD’s High-End Graphic Processor RX Vega Introduced a number of new technologies on the PC platform which will have a massive impact on the PS4 Pro that could be helpful to outperform Xbox One X.

RX Vega

BY Aron Devis   August 17 2017

AMD Launched the Professional Radeon Vega Frontier Edition on June 27 this year, followed by three new Vega Processors on August 14. The Redesigned geometry engine in the Vega GPU is offering much higher performance. AMD’s Scott Wasson stated that “ It now has the capability to process more than twice as many polygons per clock cycle than we could in our previous generation.” The RX Vega offers a High Bandwidth Cache and High Bandwidth Controller silicon which helps to move outside the limits of graphics card’s video memory. The Vega architecture is capable of scaling to a maximum of 512TB as the Virtual address space available to the graphics silicon making it’s the world’s most scalable GPU Memory Architecture.

Most importantly the groundbreaking technology that AMD RX Vega Possesses is the Rapid Packed Math, this allows two half float Operations (16 bits) to be executed at the same time it would take for one full float operation (32 bits), imagine you have a calculator that can handle four numbers four digits long, but you have a bunch of computations do which are only two digits long, so every time you do those calculations it will be wasting the potential of the calculator, so instead of that you calculate two two-digit calculations at once, essentially “Packing” both together in a way that the four digit calculator can handle, eventually you will experience it’s two times faster. This is very efficient when it comes to managing frame rates and it provides the optimum amount to enjoy the performance of a game.

RX Vega

So how exactly Rapid Packed Math can be useful for PS4 Pro? Well just before the PS4 Pro launch on November 10, 2016, PlayStation revealed that the console would use a couple of features from AMD’s Future Roadmap. One of these Technologies is the Rapid Packed Math.
This technique could effectively and efficiently lead to a doubling in computational performance from standard 4.2 teraflops to 8.4 teraflops. Speaking of gaming console competition Microsoft didn’t take any interest adding the particular feature for the Xbox One X design and already they have 6 teraflops of graphical performance and thought it won’t be necessary.

Things got more interesting when AMD Informed Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and Far Cry 5, two most popular First person shooters due in the upcoming months, will support Rapid Packed Math.This is important since the feature is available on PC with AMD’s RX Vega GPUs, more game developers will be motivated to use Rapid Packed Math when programming, it’s important to note that this won’t conclude that PS4 pro can completely outperform its rival since 16 bit operations cannot be used in every situation, Rapid Packed Math Could help PlayStation 4 Pro versions of multiplatform games getting closer to the Xbox One X releases, since various games use different Technologies it’s hard to say how PS4 will fair but it has the advantage of speed.