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Apple Watch Chargers that Fits Your Style

Apple watch chargers for your new trendy high-tech timepiece that will suit your styles and preferences while charging easily and effortlessly.

Apple Watch Chargers

BY Aron Devis   May 17 2017

In this technological era most of us are familiar with Apple watches. You may be even wearing one of those trendy watches on your hand while reading this article. When it comes to charging them, it took Apple eight months to release a charging stand for the Apple Watch. During this time accessory manufacturers stepped in with their own dock offerings thus giving us a large variety of choices that fits our unique styles. When it comes to choosing a charging dock for your favourite watch you may have many preferences. Here are some of the finest Apple watch chargers that will suit your styles and preferences.

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Griffin WatchStand

From $29.44
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A safe, secure place to charge when you’re not wearing it. While charging your Apple Watch easily, effortlessly it also holds your watch at an easily viewable angle as it charges. At the top of the plastic stand lies an angled cradle that captures cable connector and keeps it in place, ready to charge. Your charging cable is always where you need it and oriented for perfect contact between the MagSafe connector and the back of the watch. Securely displays and charges your Apple Watch vertically or horizontally for the perfect view. The weighted base is shaped to hold your iPhone, with non-skid padding that won’t scratch tabletops and prevents your charge cable from becoming crimped or tangled.

Spigen S350

From $7.99
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Let’s you rest your Apple Watch with ease. Made with a durable material, slip resistant Nanotac base and Adhesive silicone pad for 38mm compatibility. Compatible with Apple Watch Series 2 & Series 1.

Elago W3 Stand

From $9.99
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It is modeled after the vintage 1984 macintosh computer. nightstand mode enables it to be used as a bedside clock. The unique flexibility and softness of the high quality silicone material prevents damge to your watch and the surface stand rests on and makes it easy to insert and remove your apple watch.

Twelve South HiRise

From $24.99
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An elegant, modern stand that showcases your beautiful new high-tech timepiece while you charge it overnight. it holds your apple watch at an elevated height and angle that lets you interact with your watch while it’s charging. You can quickly and easily insert and remove the charging disk that comes with your Apple Watch. Works with the new Nightstand mode on Apple Watch but is not compatible with Link bracelet models in Nightstand mode. Compatible with all Apple Watch models (Series 1 and Series 2).

Mophie Apple Watch Dock

From $24.99
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This elegant watch dock features durable aluminum construction with premium leather accents , creating a high-quality finish that complements your Apple Watch and offers superior protection during charging. the provided charging cable is concealed inside the dock, eliminating cable clutter and making charging effortless, It’s slightly elevated, slightly angled charging position makes it easy to use your watch’s touchscreen and other features while charging. . begins charging on contact when you place your Apple Watch on the Mophie watch dock. Compatible with all Apple Watch models and bands.

Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock

From $64.99
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you can charge your Apple Watch in a flat position, or on it’s side using this watch dock. When docked, your watch automatically goes into Nightstand mode, so you can use it as your alarm clock. It uses the same inductive charging connector that comes with Apple Watch. Charges both the 38mm and 42mm models, and connects via the Lightning to USB Cable and Apple 5W USB Power Adapter.

Twelve South Forte

From $59.99
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It’s design was inspired by Apple Watch itself. The angled arm makes it easy to see your Watch display while lying in bed and allows your Watch to work beautifully in Nightstand mode. Top-grained leather wrapped base protects your band while giving you a shelf for iPhone. Accommodates any watch band, from closed-loop to two-piece styles.

Native Union DOCK

From $32.63
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Versatile charging dock compatible with all Apple Watch models, straps and sizes and with its sleek form and rotating arm, it showcases the beautiful design of your Apple Watch and offers maximum versatility when recharging and using your device. The charger magnetically snaps the Apple Watch onto DOCK, holding it securely in place at any angle, even when it’s unbuckled and the neat cabling system eliminates unsightly messy wires. you can use it horizontally, as well as vertically, for a more natural way of viewing your device when lying down. Coupled with Apple Watch’s Nightstand mode, it transforms your watch into the perfect bedside alarm clock.