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10 Clever Cord Organizers

Be it your home or office, maintaining and organizing cables is a big hassle. Bring order to the rat’s nest of cables with these cleverly deigned cord organizers.

Cord Organizers

BY Sarah Friedman   April 26 2017

As much as we love our tech devices and gadgets, we certainly don’t love the tangled mess of cables and cords that comes along with them. Who loves to crawl under their desks to rearrange cords and wires, and have no clue about which cord belongs to which gadget. But thanks to some clever and creative inventions taming cords and wires have been made easier. And we’ve found 10 of those clever cord organizers to help you manage your wires in style.

Cable Management Sleeve - Baltic Living Cord Organizer

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No more unsightly mess of tangled cables at your home or office. With 80” of cable management sleeve you can make multiple sleeves to keep the cords in your home and office completely organized. Made from a premium quality neoprene material which is flexible and durable meaning you can bundle up many cables without tearing. With a reversible black or white stylish color design this cord sleeves will match any home decor by keeping the array of multi-colored cords hidden. Very quick and easy to install.

The Blue Key World Cable Clips

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The best cable clips on the market, these clips are made of strong TPR material, SGS certified and will last forever. Safe to use anywhere and works in all surfaces, plastic, wood, glass, rubber, metal and others. Easy access to all your cables in the position that you want. The Blue Key World Cable Clips are compatible with all cables, this means that you can use this even with the thinest cables.

Bluelounge CableDrop - Cable Management System

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CableDrops are little drops that grasp peripheral cables to keep them in place, routed and within reach wherever you may need them. They put an end to the insanity of chasing that cable that seems to slip and disappear behind every flat surface, day after day. Made of plastic with TPU adhesive.

OmniMount OECMS Neoprene Cable Management

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OmniMount’s OECMS is a flexible piece of neoprene cable management perfect for organizing and concealing computer, power and A/V cables at home or in the office. Form-fitting neoprene material allows for multiple cables and flexibility. Cutouts every 2-inches provide multiple entry/exit points for cables. Trimmable to any length you desire and no tools required for installation.

iGotTech Cable Clips & Cord Management System

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These trusty cable organizers bring even the most unruly of twisted cables under your cable management in a jiffy. Use iGotTech’s double-slotted cable clips to securely stow any 6mm diameter or less wire within arm’s reach. No more straining to fish out that fallen cord. Ultra-sticky pads adhere to any smooth & clean surface: underside of tables, walls, filing cabinets, furniture, etc.

ONME Multipurpose Cable Clips

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These multipurpose cable clips can be easily mount to a desk, wall, table and other flat surface with permanent peel and stick backing. Made of environment friendly silicone, long lasting plastic this eco-friendly cable organizer will easily make you gain time and money by increasing the life of your cables and freeing you from looking for them. The cable clip can completely hold cable less than 6mm diameter on desk or wall.

Avantree Reusable Colorful Cable Ties

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These cable ties keep all kinds of cables tidy. Made of reusable and durable, fabric material with attachments. Special design to easily fix the ties on your cables and no longer worry about losing them.

Bluelounge CableClips Small - Cable Management

From $9.75

A secure and convenient cable management solution, CableClip Small secures cables in a compact bundle for use at home, in the office or on the go. Ideal for short or thin cords such as earbuds, small data cables and charger cords.

Comroll 4 Slot Cable Clip Holder

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This 4 slot cable clip holder keeps cables and chords neat and tidy. Keeps your chords and wires organized so you know what’s what. The heavy duty base won’t slip off the desk or table, even when chords are unplugged. Never have to crawl under the desk to retrieve a chord ever again. Most cables can be stacked to fit up to 3 in every slot. That gives you enough space for at least 12 standard size chords and cables.

Akwox Wooden Cable Organizer and Cord Management System

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This eco-friendly, long lasting cable organizer is made of natural wood. A healthly and elegant design to easily make you gain time and money by increasing the life of your cables. Features 5 slots with flexible size, good for all surfaces and can be quickly peeled and sticked.