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Best Halloween Costumes for Kids 2017

Halloween is around the corner and it’s the most spookiest time of the year for the kids to go trick or treat, but before that dress up with the best costumes that will make your children’s halloween memorable.

halloween costumes

BY Aron Devis   September 25 2017

Back in the old days there were the celtic people and their druid priests. The Druids were believed to have the ability and skills to communicate with the dead. Their powers, it was rumored, were much more powerful on the day of samhain, which was the last day of the year in the celtic calendar. But before believing that the Halloween celebration came directly from samhain, a day mistakenly connected to the wiccans rather than to celts, you must understand that it is a blend of Hallowmas, a celebration of catholic origins, as well as the roman festival called feralia.

In today’s world religious aspect of the halloween has dwindled away and it has become a holiday. People would dress up in costumes, and kids going trick or treating house to house collecting candies, now halloween is a day for kids to have fun and enjoy their candy.

So now we are getting closer to halloween day by day and now it’s high time for kids and parents to choose a spooky costume to go trick-or-treating. So here are the best halloween costumes for 2017 which will make your children moments Fang-tastic.

Dracula outfit

From $13.60

Yes the most traditional and the most famous, this goth inspired costume will make your kid the most coolest vampire. Comes with a vest with attached sleeves, cape with attached dollar and medallion.

Skeleton Zombie Child

From $30.54

The skeleton zombie costume will have your child looking like they just came out of a cold, damp swamp where the lochness monster hangs around. This outfit come with a long sleeve shirt and pants that are simple to wear just slip on when the time is right.

Monarch Princess Costume

From 31.99

Every mom’s Princess is their daughter so why not dress your daughter with the best monarch princess Costume for this halloween. The Monarch Princess toddler costume is a long dress featuring a layered skirt and a butterfly patterned peplum. It also comes with a tiara, an elastic band attachable set of wings, and a butterfly wand. Shoes not included.

Zombie Halloween Costume for Girls

From $26.44

Are you interested in scaring your friends this halloween? Watch out for the flesh eating monster, The Zombie Child Girls Costume will have her hungry for more than just candy this Halloween. Features a tattered, dirty dress with lifelike spilling guts waist cinch.

Morris Phantom

From $24.99

Grim reaper costume includes robe, hood,gloves,belt and glasses with fade mechanism plus featuring red glowing eye glasses. The outfit is perfect for this coming halloween and will make everyone stand on their toes once they see this spook tastic outfit.

Girls Unicorn Costume

From $29.99 - $30.99

Enchant and amaze as this multicolored mythical creature this Halloween, you can prance through the neighborhood as a mystical myth in this charming unicorn costume. Unicorn Child Costume. From Halloween classics to historical outfits to superhero disguises

Stealth Ninja

From $12.67 - $100.79

Gear up your ninja costume this halloween, instead of being scary unleash your inner warrior with your speed, stealth and skill. Your kids night sure to be a thrill.

Demon Skin Suit

From $20.81 - $57.21

If you’ve never gone for a nightmare stroll, chances are you’ve noticed little eyes watching you in the dark

Cleopatra Halloween Costume

From $19.95

Your little princess can have some ancient fun dressing up in this Kids Cleopatra Costume this halloween, and becoming one of the most famous rulers in history! Your kid will look so elegant in this Ancient Egyptian-inspired costume dress, which captures the look that Cleopatra may have worn as she carried out her daily duties as pharaoh.

Karnival Girl's Witch Girl Costume Set

From $26.95

From our huge range of colourful and exciting childrens Halloween costumes and featuring as part of the delightful Yarn Babies range of fancy dress, this is a stunning and very cute karnival Girl’s Witch costume

The Joker Costume

From $23.98

Do you know any other villain that can pull off clown makeup better than joker, the cackling laughter, morbid sense of humor, and he is the most terrifying guy in the room. As far as villains go joker is the best which is why it would be a magnificent opt for this outfit.

Jack Skellington

From 21.68

You are ready to rule over over halloween with the jack skellington costume. Featuring detachable bow tie and the half’ll kid will just look like jack himself. This costume is perfect for halloween.

Girl's Skeleton Bones Tutu Girl Costume

From $26.95

Take a basic costume idea and turn into something unique! When wearing this skeleton poncho you’ll have the most stylish costume at any party.

Kids Bat Jumpsuit Halloween Cosplay Costume

From $17.49

Well, it’s time for your kid to make her friends’ brains explode! Just wait until you  see her in this Child Fleece Bat Costume you will crown your kiddo king of all bat creatures to ever fly the planet. But the thing is, superheroes can fly, drive really cool cars, and have a special signal and everything, so your kid will probably want to learn how to fly at least. Tell him to start flapping his arms–oops, we mean wings–and start building up his strength.

Ghost Ship Pirate Boy's Costume

From $22.92 - $101.54

Ghost ship pirate costume shows that a pirate’s thirst for vengeance never ends. The black and grey striped pants and a black boot covers are included, along with the long wait sash. The most amazing thing is the half mask with in grey hair. Consider accessorizing with a pirate cutlass and some black boots and you’ll be ready to go out in search of booty on Halloween night.

Rotten to The Core

From $25.95 - $125.83

With a hood and matching pants. The bone chest piece and half-mask feature the rotting zombie flesh and exposed teeth and’ll be able to frighten your friends with a classic starving zombie makeover.

Pharoah's Princess Child Costume

From $24.43 - $33.54

This Halloween, become a majestic Pharaoh Princess when you put on the Pharaoh Princess Child Costume. This white dress is adorned with a celestial gold and blue belt, as well as a neckpiece with matching bangles. The costume also comes with an elegant golden headpiece, which dangles golden shimmering beads. Wherever you go this Halloween, people are sure to be bowing in respect and awe.

Halloween Vampire Kids Deluxe Costume

From $23.99 - $24.99

Your little one is sure to go batty with excitement in this frightful Miss Vampire Girls’ Child Halloween Costume.Be glad that your little one takes after her mother when you outfit her with this Vampiress costume. Sure, her dad is a great man, but when it comes to Vampire business, no one takes care of the family quite like Momma! With your little girl in tow, your family is going to be the most respected group of Transylvanians that anyone’s ever laid eyes on. This cute and classic look is the perfect way to get her involved in the vampire action!

Snow Leopard Kids Costumes for Halloween

From $31.99

Any true fan of the snow leopard can tell you that aside from the big cat’s spotted whitish fur, it’s known for being really hard to find, and not just because it’s a pretty rare kitty. Snow leopards just tend to keep to themselves, and they prefer cold climates and high altitudes. But that’s part of what makes this Snow Leopard Child Costume so great: you don’t have to trek through the highlands of central Asia to find one! .At least this fashionable outfit comes complete with a dress (and tail for balance), a hood (with soft-sculpted ears for cuteness), and boot covers (with white faux fur for warmth). And a dappled look in black and white is always current! That makes this outfit a really stylish and convenient way to celebrate the fancy look worn by our favorite kind of feline!

Killer Klown

From $25.60

Your tyke is out for candy vengeance and is going to get it through some tricks and skip the middleman! This red and black,  half striped and half blood marked polyester satin jumpsuit shows what happens when a happy clown goes rouge.

Captain Jack Sparrow

From $32.76

With Captain jack sparrow deluxe child costume, your son will harness the adventuring spirit. The white shirt has a blouse design with bold blue jacket that has that pirate flair, two gaudy belts bring the center together in true over the captain jack style.

Soul Taker

From $22.03

Be the frightening touch of death this Halloween, in the Soul Taker Boy’s Costume.
This creepy costume comes with a robe with an attached hood and face cover. The robe looks awesome and very intricate.

Leopard Costume For Halloween

From 23.95

Dress your kid up like a feline with this Pretty Leopard Child Costume. It is ideal for Halloween, school plays and character reenactments. Your little one will also enjoy wearing this leopard girl costume to parties, parades and other holiday productions. This ensemble features a cat print jumpsuit, a tail and a cat ear headpiece. You can create a custom look by adding shoes, makeup and other coordinating pieces (sold separately) to complete the overall look. The leopard Halloween costume is made out of polyester for a soft and comfortable feel. It is easy to maintain and specifically sized to fit children.

girls harley quinn costume

From $60.92

With this DC Superhero Girls: Harley Quinn Deluxe Child Halloween Costume, your little one can get in on the action. Whether they are going for spooky or fun, this is just the right outfit. Ideal for costume parties or trick-or-treating, it is sure to make them the hit of the party. The fashionable little costume is officially licensed, so it looks just like the famous outfits her favorite comic book character, Harley Quinn, wears. The pullover dress has a flared satin skirt that combines the traditional black and red Harlequin inspired color scheme and diamond pattern. Best of all – there’s a glittery tulle overlay covering the skirt, so your little Harley will sparkle and shine when she’s on the move. She’ll love the red and black glovelets with ruffly cuffs that keep her hands free for doing devious deeds, and the Harlequin horns complete the villainous look.

Halloween Girl Brilliant Butterfly Purple Costume

From $22.99 - $24.99

There are only a few requirements for you to become a fairy. First of all you need to actually believe in them. Sounds easy enough, right? We thought so too. Next you’ll have to find yourself a wand, which can be a little difficult, but we’re pretty confident we can help you out. After that comes the outfit. Really that one’s pretty easy. All you have to do is be yourself and find what you can fly through the forest in without getting stuck in the brambles or anything like that. Then of course there is always the wings! It’s very difficult to be a flying fairy without a lovely pair of whimsical butterfly wings for fast traveling all over the place! I believe there’s one more…Oh! Of course it’s very important in the fairy world to have a favorite color! What’s yours? Could it possibly be purple? Well then we may just be able to help your little fairy dreams come true. You’ll look truly mystical with this purple butterfly wings kit that comes complete with a fantastic matching wand. It’s perfect for playing dress-up with or even for a quick Halloween costume

Pumpkin Patch Scarecrow Costume for girls

From $22.31 - $39.99

I’ll help the pumpkins grow pretty for Halloween. The toddler Pumpkin Patch Scarecrow is a brown dress with patchwork print on the shirt top. It includes collar piece with faux hay trim, rope belt, hat with cord and (1) one attachable flower.

Black Panther

From $27.20

Fight crime in disguise with this Black Panther costume. Your kid will love this outfit due to its comfortability. Black panther outfit features a padded jumpsuit with 3d boot tops and 3d gauntlets and a mask.

The Incredibles Dash Classic

From $24.69

Does your son loves to fight crime? Is he a superhero in disguise? Is he incredibly awesome, then dash costume is the ideal choice. The outfit comes with red jumpsuit with the incredible logo emblazoned on the chest, a black eye mask and attached yellow belt. So get your child the coolest and most playful hero costume this halloween.

Harry Potter Costume Kit

From $23.89

If your child was among the millions of kids who didn’t want harry potter’s adventures to end, they don’t have to with the help of this harry potter outfit. Featuring a hooded robe, eyeglasses and a wand, this kit includes everything kids need to become their favorite magical hero.

War Machine Costume

From $23.49

Iron man’s oldest friend and closest ally is ready to join the battle of the marvel superheroes this halloween with the deluxe war machine. Featuring muscle chest jumpsuit with boot tops and a mask

Girls High Seas Captain Halloween Costume

From $33.14 - $56.36

Which Kid wouldn’t like to be the captain of the sea? she won’t be underestimated this captain is not to be messed with! The High Seas Captain child costume includes jacket, shirt, tri-corn hat, head tie, waist sash, belt and a parrot figure. The black jacket is decorated with gold trim and skull shaped buttons while the sleeveless shirt underneath is decorated with a black and white stripe pattern. Her attachable parrot pet sits on the shoulder.

Nile Princess Child Costumes for this Halloween

From $32.00 - $32.95

At the heart of her grand Kingdom is the mighty Nile River. The Nile Princess child costume is a white dress with fabric gathering along a gold trimmed blue stripe. It also includes a decorated collar with attached cape, a cobra headpiece and a pair of cuffs.

Cop Costumes for Kids

From $21.86

Freeze! You’ll stop bad guys in their tracks with this police officer costume! This deluxe quality costume includes everything you could possibly need for looking like a brave and blue cop! From the badge to the iconic hat, you’ll have the troublemakers behind bars in no time.

Classic Boba Fett

From $22.22

Is your son a star wars fan? Well then playing as boba fett will be the coolest thing to do this halloween. What’s more super than chance to be the most intelligent and fearless bounty hunter in the galaxy.

Robin Costume

From $31.14

Who doesn’t love to be batman’s favorite sidekick. Let your kid be the most coolest crime fighting partner this halloween.featuring jumpsuit with foam-backed and stitched chest and sleeves, attached 3d boot tops, a cape, belt and mask.

Batman Costume

From $17.16

Most lovable DC Character coming to this halloween, gotham crime fighter and hero who’s making the city safe at night. Featuring a printed jumpsuit with attached boot tops, cape and molded mask.

Trick Or Treat Doughnut Costume

From $20.10 - $32.90

Doughnuts are considered as one of the Favourite food that the young ones would love have, So why not Choose a doughnut Costume for your young ones this Halloween.

Child's 50's Sweetheart Costume

From $27.36

If you plan on showing off your dance moves on Halloween, here’s a perfect dress for twirling around under the disco ball! 50’s Sweetheart Girls Costume includes traditional old-fashioned red and black poodle dress with polka dot pettiskirt, matching neck scarf, and iron on monograms so your style will be complete.

Darth Vader Costume

From $19.34

Become the most iconic sith in the star wars wars universe this halloween, and Once your child has it all on, he may just have the desire to hunt down the last of the Jedi Knights in the galaxy. Make sure he’s properly equipped with a lightsaber.

Bumblebee Classic

From $26.95

You’ll feel invincible as you walk into the room with a laser cannon strapped to your arm, ready to blast any enemies that come your way! And while everyone is in serious mode, that’s when you break out and do the Robot to get the party jumping. This costume is perfect for that type of silliness!