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Things that’ll make any food lover shed tears of joy

For those who love food, more than anything these products are heaven!


BY Jack Holmes   September 13 2017

We all love food but there are foodies out there who don’t just love food. Food is their everything! From morning till night they crave for different kinds of food. They enjoy every single bite with tears of joy. They love to try different kinds of food, visit many places, try many dishes and make their favourites and enjoy them. Strictly no sharing!

These products will not only show others how much love for food one has but also keep food in our mind 24×7.

1. A T-shirt that highlights our love for pizza!

If you are a pizza lover this is the right T-shirt for you. It’s easy to wear and is suitable for daily wear or for fun infused busy outings and many occasions, such as shopping, dating, travel and holiday.

2. You donut want to miss out on purchasing this drool-worthy push pin holder. More push pins = more donut sprinkles!

A drool-worthy, pink-frosted donut push pin holder that’s perfect for donut lovers or sweet treat lovers. It’s “sprinkled” with 50 colorful pins for your corkboard.

3. A bandage that will help make your cuts and bruises feel a bit better — bacon can cure.

Treat your minor cuts, scratches and scrapes with the incredible healing power of meat using this fancy bandage.

4. A sweet beach blanket to lie on while waiting for the people who are selling ice cream to come where you are.

Ice cream cookie sandwich beach blanket that really puts the sand in sandwich.

5. A cookie teether for the future foodie in your life.

Train your babies to become foodies from their small days itself with this cookie teether.

6. A yummy float to keep you cool in the pool

Chill in your pool with this ice cream pool float. Don’t worry your hands won’t get messy by this ice cream sandwich.

7. And a salty float. NOT that kind of salty!

A fun float that is guaranteed to stay crisp and salty even in the pool.

8. A sugarlicious scented pillow that will make you go donuts for

There’s always room in your house for one more fun, bright, cool, crazy throw pillow. A sugarlicious! Scented Accent Pillow for teens, tweens and the young at heart.

9. Food shaped USB flash drives you’ll want to make an office/school supply essential.

Are you hungry for high-speed data storage? This is the perfect gift for any college student or for yourself, store all of your solid-state memory in an easily transportable package.

10. A hot dog toaster for making perfect (hot dog) buns, without having to fire up the grill.

Great little Pop-Up Hot Dog toaster that is great for entertaining and as a fast meal solution for the whole family.

11. A box of 40 delish snacks. It’s meant to be a care package, but who said you can’t send yourself a care package?

A personal gift that any snacker will love! A pack full of fun snacks that make a great gift to help students stock the dorm, enjoy a break between classes, and snack on the go.

12. A photo album made just for you. Print and store the pics of the things you eat in here.

As food lovers, most of us love to take photos of our food. If you are a fan of taking pics of the delicious food you eat, get your pics off the device and add it into this three-dimensional place to keep and display them.

13. A door stopper that may give you a slight panic attack first.

Make a fool out of your guests with this eccentric door stopper that draws attention to a thoroughly useful but often ignored household item.

14. A subscription box that is specially made just for Amazon Prime members, who can request a box of surprise sweets with just the push of a dash button.

At the push of a dash button, you’ll get a delivered box of delicious and unique surprise artisan treats such as cashew almond toffee popcorn, raspberry lollipops, orange white chocolate chip cookies and much more.