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Best Matte Lipsticks 2017

This collection of Matte lipsticks offers rich and smooth effects on the lips and gives a very comfortable texture.

Best Matte Lipsticks 2017

BY Sarah Friedman   August 11 2017

A bit edgier than the classic lipstick, matte lipstick will take any makeup look to the next level and give a stunning shine appearance to the lips. All those rich looks don’t come easily. Matte lipsticks are a little bit tricky when applying and need a lot of focus. But at the end if you have done a good job at it, then there’s no doubt that your lips will look gorgeous.

So to have the most stunning lip looks, that many of us struggling to wear, preparation is the key. It’s the complicated part but not impossible. We all want to make our lips look magnificent. So here’s a brief and easy guide on how to wear matte lip colours.

First of all we have to make sure to prepare our lips to avoid flaky appearance. Matte lipstick/lip-gloss quickly settles into any rough patches on your lips. So the best way is to exfoliate your lips with a gentle lip scrub. You don’t have to spend any extra on purchasing a lip scrub, just mix some sugar with olive oil and honey and gently massage your lips for a couple of minutes, then rinse. Your lips will feel soft and smooth. Matte has a habit of drying out the lips creating a flaky effect,to avoid this make sure you moisturize using a lip balm or apply coconut or almond oil on your lips, for that shiny matte effect.

For an elegant matte effect, may it be a bright red, flashy pink or nude matte lip colour apply a lip liner before wearing matte lipstick, using a lip liner will help you to get lips neat and clear so when applying the matte effect your lips will absorb it very cleanly. So the lip colour won’t go haywire and drive you into frustration. The other important tip is to avoid rubbing your lips together, this a common mistake practiced by most women. After applying the Matte lipstick simply blot your lips with a soft tissue and reapply the lipstick again.

For the final touch towards perfection clean up the edges with a small synthetic concealer brush. Yes, Matte lipstick takes a little bit of time but all the elegant looks never come easy and it’s totally worth it. Once you wear it you don’t have to feel anxious in the public because you have the most fantastic and elegant lips.

Now you know all about applying Matte lipsticks, So why not try it, Here are the best Matte lipstick Collections for 2017.

L.A. Girl Snuggle Matte Flat Velvet Lipstick

From $59.00

Matte Flat velvet lipstick is full of rich in pigment and filled with moisture. Contains shea butter to hydrate lips, so you your lips have a smooth matte effect

CHARLOTTE TILBURY Matte Revolution Mini Lipstick

From $61.25

This trio of mini lipsticks gives the effect of luminous, modern matte finish.

Bdellium Tools Hydrating & Colorful Matte Lipstick Full Set

From $98.99

Bdellium matte lipstick is perfect for irresistible lips. Containing shea butter and macadamia oil, it keeps your lips hydrated and nourished for a longer period of time.

UD Matte Revolution Lipstick, Stark Naked

From $29.98

Urban Decay’s creamy, non-dying Matte Revolution Lipstick is as rich and buttery as the original formula. Lips get bold color with a great Matte finish and velvety feel


From $79.95

Chanel Rouge matte lipstick absorbs to the lips intensely rich, long lasting effect and features a soft, velvet matte finish.

Tom Ford Lip Color Matte BLACK DAHLIA

From $75.87

Tom Ford lip color Matte creates a powerfully sophisticated look of unadulterated colour, contains a luxurious formula and give smooth velvet Matte finish.

Christian Louboutin VELVET MATTE Lip Colour BENGALI 100M

From $120.99

Inspired by middle eastern antiquities and the art deco movement. Velvet Matte Lip colour is a luxurious lipstick which gives an elegance of an unimaginable scale.

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick - L.U.V (matte rich violet)

From $153.43

An innovative Lipstick that coats lips with bold and rich colour, and long lasting, provides a luxe comfort

Christian Dior Rouge Dior Couture Colour Lipstick

From $69.03

With Rouge Dior and its rich formula of 16hr comfort, women feel good, no matter the colour.