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Thermostats for a Comfortable and Efficient Home

Renew your old mechanical home thermostat with one of these latest digital thermostats. They will not only keep your energy bills in check, but will make sure your home stays at the ideal temperature all year round.


BY Jack Holmes   June 20 2017

A good thermostat can save your money and time by automating the heating and cooling process in your home, keep your home comfortable with stable temperatures, and even learn your habits and preferences. That said, the thermostat market is still relatively young and new products seem to arrive each month with features like easy to install, customizable, and flexible. We’ve picked thermostats that have earned the best reviews so far.

Honeywell RTH9580WF Smart Programmable Thermostat

From $158.00

The extreme flexibility of the Honeywell smart thermostat allows you to uniquely program your device as either a home or business thermostat and then offers scheduling features specific to your home or business. For a business, simply select the temperature that you prefer when the building is occupied, and you won’t have to worry about cold mornings or hot afternoons. You can also select the temperature that you prefer when your business is unoccupied, so you won’t have to worry about wasting energy. Tell your Wi-Fi smart thermostat what temperature you prefer when you wake, and you’ll never have to endure another cold morning. This smart thermostat even learns your heating and cooling cycle times to deliver just the right temperature, right when you want it. Comes with advanced features such as customizable color touch-screen, indoor humidity sensor, advanced fan and simple programming.

Nest Learning Thermostat

From $246.85

Nest Learning Thermostat is hands down the best smart thermostat available in the market right now. With a thinner, sleeker design and a bigger, sharper display, the 3rd generation Nest Learning Thermostat is more beautiful than ever. With Farsight, it lights up when it sees you coming and shows you the time or temperature from across the room. And the Nest Thermostat is proven to save energy. No more programming, with Auto-Schedule, Nest learns from you and programs itself. Change the temperature from anywhere using your phone, tablet or laptop. Nest can use sensors, algorithms and even your phone’s location to save energy when no one’s home.

Ecobee3 Thermostat with Sensor

From $175.00

While ordinary thermostats only read the temperature in one room, Ecobee3 works with room sensors to deliver the right temperature to the rooms that matter most. The room sensors detect temperature and occupancy. Are you reading in bed or watching the game downstairs? Ecobee3 knows and delivers comfort to the right place at the right time. With Ecobee3 and Amazon Echo, you can ask Alexa to adjust your thermostat settings using just your voice, giving you hands-free control to enjoy. Ecobee owners save an average of 23% on heating and cooling annually. Compatible with most residential heating and cooling systems.

Emerson Thermostats Sensi Smart Thermostat

From $124.99

From the couch, the car or the airport lounge, Sensi thermostat makes it easy to remotely control and schedule your home comfort, anytime, anywhere. Designed to work with the wires you already have, Sensi thermostat does not require a common wire (c-wire) in many cases, so it is compatible with most heating and cooling systems. With precision control accuracy of plus/minus 1 degree, Sensi keeps your home temperature within 1 degree of where you set it. The Sensi thermostat is now compatible with Amazon Echo and Wink smart home platforms.

Lux Products TX9600TS Universal Programmable Thermostat

From $45.85

This unit is great for heating and cooling systems including single and multi-stage heat pumps. It has universal compatibility for all system types, except electric baseboard heat. Each day of the week can be programmed differently with 2 or 4 periods per day. The large, lighted easy to read touch screen display is menu driven and makes it easy to operate and program. There is a programmable air filter life timer and keyboard lockout for unauthorized users. The adjustable vacation hold can be set from 1 to 30 days. The smart recovery enables the set temperature to be reached by the programmed time.

Honeywell RTH221B1021/A Programmable Thermostat

From $19.29

This one’s a simple, easy to use 1-week programmable thermostat. You set it up to adjust the temperature when you are away or asleep-times when you don’t necessarily need to heat or cool your home to optimum comfort-and your HVAC equipment runs less. Plus, your heating or cooling comes back to the comfort level you desire before you come home or wake up. Honeywell programmable thermostats are easy to install and are pre-programmed for your convenience. This thermostat is compatible with single-stage heating/cooling systems, heating, cooling, heat pumps without backup heat, mill volt, pellet stoves and fireplaces.

Honeywell RCHT8610WF2006 Lyric T5 Thermostat

From $116.98

The Lyric T5 Thermostat is a Wi-Fi connected platform that simplifies home comfort, security and awareness by controlling your connected home products with a single application. It’s easy to install and use and conveniently fits in with your lifestyle. You can program it based on your schedule, or let it adapt to your life as plans change with location based temperature control. The Lyric app uses geofencing technology to track your location and update your Lyric T5 Wi-Fi Thermostat. So your thermostat automatically knows when you’re coming home, making sure your home is exactly how you like it when you arrive and saving you money when you leave.

Ecobee4 Alexa-Enabled Thermostat

From $218.00

With built-in Alexa voice service, Ecobee4 can listen to your voice commands and respond. Have it set a timer, read you the news, adjust the temperature, and more. It also comes with a room sensor that helps manage hot and cold spots in your home, delivering comfort in the rooms that matter. And because they can detect occupancy, they can automatically enable the right mode on your Ecobee4 for energy savings when it senses no one is home. Works with Apple HomeKit, IFTTT, and Samsung SmartThings.

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